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Interesting Facts and Fun Information About Best Friends Poodles

Did you know that poodles are hunting dogs, and have a naturally high intelligence?

Did you know that poodles, no matter which size, all conform to exacting standards by the American Kennel Club and the Continental Kennel Club?

Poodles do not shed fur; they have a special, curly coat that can be groomed in many ways, both fancy and simply elegant.
Multi colored poodles are not recognized by the American Kennel Club, as are not the current 'designer' sized poodles.  Yet they remain very popular among pet owners, which is likely the largest group of poodle owners on the planet!

Poodles are famously called French Poodles, but the breed originated in Germany as a water /bird dog. 
Poodles are known as the clowns of the dog world - anything for a good time!  Tricks, obedience, companionship are all hard wired into the poodle for centuries. When socialized well from the start, poodles are a great all around dog for all ages.  They adapt to their home life superbly, so they've been popular as companion dogs for ages.

Do you have a fun fact about poodles? Send us a message so we can include it here on our poodle fun facts page.

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